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Re: [Xen-users] Xen network freeze

Quoting Erwan MAS <erwan@xxxxxxxxxx>:

Hello ,

I have a configuration with xen with 2 domu .
One domu have a nfs server , Other have a ftp server .

When i try to write a big file to the nfs server
(  so i generate a big traffic , on network and on disk )
dom0 and domU's become  inaccessible via network .

I have the same problem , via ftp when i put a big file .

On the console , i must make ifconfig pethX down/up to restore the network .

I'am using xen-3.0.3-0-4 on debian - etch .

I've noticed something simliar with SLES 10 SP1. After a few hours, I'd loose total network connectivity unless I stood at the console and pinged something. I updated my e1000 driver from sourceforge and haven't seen the issue since.

What server platform are you using - specifically your nic (lspci)


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