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Re: [Xen-users] Can HVM DomU with SDL do 1280x1024 24-bit color?

On Wednesday 7 November 2007, Derek wrote:
> Hi,
> Is it possible for an HVM domU to use an emulated graphics screen (via SDL)
> of 1280x1024 24-bit ?
> Currently, my winXP domU allows you to select 1280x1024 16-bit, or 1024x768
> 24-bit, but not 1280x1024 24-bit.  I assume this is a limitation in the
> (virtual) graphics card hardware presented to the domU?
> Seems like it ought to be possible, since it's probably just a matter of
> configuring how much (emulated) memory the (virtual) graphics card has. 
> But I don't know how to set it.  Any suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Derek.

By default, a Cirrus Logic GD5446 PCI VGA card is simulated. This card has the 
limitations you indicate above.

What you probably want, is the stdvga=1 option in your xen config file. This 
will cause xen to emulate a standard vga graphics card with vbe 2.0 (I 
believe vbe stands for Video Bios Extensions), which allows you to set higher 

Note that I haven't tried it myself yet, because I have currently no hvm 
domU's. The stdvga option is originally coming from the Qemu emulator. Xen 
uses Qemu's device model to emulate the hardware for hvm, and most of the 
Qemu options are supported. I quickly googled for stdvga xen, and I found a 
lot of references, so I guess this one is working also.

Hope this helps.


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