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Re: [Xen-users] Xen support in various Linux kernels

David Stone wrote:
Hi, I'm trying to make sure I understand if and how Xen is supported
in various Linux kernel distributions.  Could someone tell me which of
the following are right or wrong?

 - Xen has only patched kernels up to 2.6.18 with Xen support.
 - However, some Linux distributions may have patched later kernels
with Xen support.  For instance when I install Fedora 7 with Xen
support, I notice the xenified Dom0 kernel that is used, as well as
any DomU kernels creatd by virt-manager, are 2.6.20.
 - But, as of 2.6.23, Xen support has been upstreamed into the vanilla
Linux kernel.  So theoretically it will no longer be necessary for Xen
to maintain a fork of the Linux kernel and integrate the Linux kernel
build with the Xen build?

Afaik, the Xen parts in vanilla are only for domU.

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