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Re: [Xen-users] Windows guest accelerated 3d?

If any1 will have simillar problem, here is some info from AMD:

Dear Lukas,
Thank you for contacting AMD Tech Support

IOMMU is partially implemented into our latest quad-core Opteron processors but using 3D modes under guest OS is not an option at this moment.

Thanks & regards

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Subject: [Xen-users] Windows guest accelerated 3d?

Hi all,

I have few questions, so if some1 could answer them i would be very thankful...

I wanna use xen for following purpose:
I'm planning to buy shiny new box and i wanna run a linux (xen?) kernel and i want to run window$ 3D applications accelerated (with working directx)... All of this without reboot...

1) What i need to run windows XP in xen with _accelerated_ 3D? IOMMU, or something more than that? 2 graphics cards? And which processors does support IOMMU and what graphics card is the best for this?

2) Is the best solution work normally on xen kernel (kde desktop, compiz, etc....) and have window$ the only 1 guest, or 1xen kernel, and 2guests - 1 linux for working and 1 window$ for gaming? And how do i switch between all the VMs? Or better way is to have 1st VM running on 1st display and 2nd VM on 2nd display? How?

Sorry for such noob questions but i cannot google anything new about this...

Best regards
                   Gryffus aka Lukas Krejza

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