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RE: [Xen-users] PV on Centos 5 64-bit

>> To my understanding, a fully virtualized VM must _not_ run a 
>> xen-enabled kernel while a paravirtualized VM _requires_ a compatible

>> xen-enabled kernel. Is this correct?
>Oh, no. A fully virtualized VM can certainly run a Xen enabled kernel
(barring some oddnesses with particular kernels). 
>But the initrd certainly needs the right drivers to do so. I think
you'll find that a fully virtual VM needs different
>device drivers than a para-virtualized one.


>Got it. One thing I've done when doing a restoration from a system
image, to get the grub set up, is to delete the kernel from the guest
domain and do a virt-install "upgrade" on top of it.

I did a virt-install that was really an upgrade, and paravirtualized
"mode" works now! Now I'll just try to coax the VM to run in fully
virtualized mode again - it didn't like my new kernel.. Thanks you very
much for your help!

Best regards,
Jens-Petter Salvesen

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