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[Xen-users] Xen 3.1 networking questions

after hours of testing my last hope is the mailinglist. I have got a root server (www.1und1.com) and I just installed debian etch amd64 on it. I maanged to compile xen 3.1 from source and also my 1st HVM virtual guest is running fine (Windows 2003). But 1und1 uses a absolut strange network setup I have never seen before and I do not understand why it is working at all!?! These are the settings the root Sever is getting with DHCP (and they are working...):

eth0      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:19:99:0D:CD:05
inet addr:87.106.189.xxx Bcast: Mask:
         RX packets:15579 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:0
         TX packets:15257 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:0
         collisions:0 txqueuelen:1000
         RX bytes:1026640 (1002.5 KiB)  TX bytes:5709824 (5.4 MiB)
         Interrupt:16 Base address:0x6000

route -n:
Kernel IP routing table
Destination Gateway Genmask Flags Metric Ref Use Iface UH    0      0        0 eth0       U     0      0        0 eth0         UG    0      0        0 eth0

the route is also set with dhcp but after updating from sarge to etch i had to use a trick to set the route because dhcp3 did no more use the modified (by 1und1) dhcp script.

So this is my /etc/network/interfaces:
auto lo eth0
iface lo inet loopback

iface eth0 inet dhcp
      up ip route add dev eth0
      up ip route add default via

auto eth0:0
iface eth0:0 inet static
      address 87.106.189.xxx
      broadcast 87.106.189.xxx

# xxx = always the same number (yes ip and broadcast are equal...)

I am abolute no network specialist but I never thought a netmask of is valid and a client can communicate without a reachable gateway... but it works...

I installed my 1st HVM guest and tried to setup networking. Bridging does not work because windows does not allow those strange network settings, so I think NAT would be the solution, wouldn't it? But I did not find any documentation about how to setup NAT with Xen 3.1.
What IP do I have to setup at my dom0?
Can I use eth0:x to set it up?
Do I have to add any IP settings to my guest config:
vif = [ 'type=ioemu, bridge=xenbr0' ] ?
Should I use DHCP on the private LAN or static IPs?
Can I use a 192.168.x.x network or do I have to use 10.x.x.x (I red about it)?
Do you have any good links about NAT and Xen 3.1?

Many thanks for your help!
Greetings Florian

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