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Re: [Xen-users] XEN - Broadcom issue: survey

> I understood from this and other mailing lists that using an HVM machine
> with no PV drivers would result in a poor performance, but it would work
> anyway.
That's certainly supposed to be true.

> My problem is that, due to this packet loss, HVM machines are not usable,
> because they get some "strange" errors from time to time (session breaks,
> corrupt files, etc...).
> So you're saying that lack of PV drivers is the cause and thus that HVM
> machines are not stable if we don't use PV drivers?
The emulated NIC is expected to have poor performance, and the
response when overloaded is to drop packets.  However, this is not
expected to lead to user-visible dropped connections, since it looks
to the guest exactly the same as an overloaded router dropping
packets.  Protocols which run over the internet are expected to be
able to recover seamlessly from this condition.  The fact that you're
seeing these problems suggests that something is going wrong with the


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