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Re: [Xen-users] Boot HVM from Floppy

I'm testing VxWorks on Xen and to use something other than a floppy drive I have to configure and compile a new VxWorks kernel,
so it would be nice if I could use a floppy image inside a HVM.
Andreas Hollmann wrote:

I'm using fedora 7 with fedora 3.1 and I have no idea how to include a floppy drive to a HVM and boot from there.

I tried it with:

fda = '/path/bootnet.img'


fda ='/dev/fd0'

I switched on the qemu monitor with monitor=1 and switched with Control+Alt+2 to the
monitor window.

The floppy drive is listeted there, however there is no file assigned to the drive.

I don't no know what is wrong with this assignment.

Can someone help me with this problem?

Best regards,
Why would you want to? Why not use a CD image?

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