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RE: [Xen-users] Boot HVM from Floppy

> I'm testing VxWorks on Xen and to use something other than a floppy
> drive I have to configure and compile a new VxWorks kernel,
> so it would be nice if I could use a floppy image inside a HVM.

You can put a floppy image onto a CD image easily enough.

Make a directory called /tmp/bootable. Copy the floppy image in there
and call it boot.img, then make your image with something like 'mkisofs
-b boot.img -o /tmp/boot.iso /tmp/bootable'.

If your floppy image is exactly 1440KB in size, mkisofs will assume it
is a 1.44MB floppy.

Whether that works for what you want it to do remains to be seen of


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