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[Xen-users] How can I create peth and vif to use the same IP using a ISP GW?

How can I create peth and vif to use the same IP using ISP GW.

    I can create a single bridge for a network and assign that bridge using:

    i.e. (private IPs)

    #  Networking
    vif         = [

    or just simply...

    vif         = [

    ..with no other bridge or network using xenbr1.  But this situation
    utilizes two IP addresses not a single IP.

GOAL: set up a 1:1 public IP bridge to virtual interface. 

I want to give the physical NIC the public IP while the vif will also
have the same IP without having one public IP as the default GW.  I will
use the ISP gateway.  Doing so would keep data from the vif routing in
and out only on that interface and no other as to keep all clients
traffic seperate from each other.  Is this possible.  I have the system
running bridging currently with a collection of different domUs each
with their own unique IP.


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