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Re: [Xen-users] Resize domU block device?

Am 19.11.2007 um 17:54 schrieb Errol Neal:

Quoting Ralf Müller <ralf@xxxxxxxx>:

Is there a way for a domU to discover size changes of block
devices modified by dom0?

The domU will be aware of the additional space.


How you take advantage of that is depending upon the filesystem and more importantly, the OS. For example, ext3 filesystems must be unmounted before you can resize them. You'll probably need to delete the partition, recreate it, using up all the free space you gave it. That is , unless you use some of the other tools available. I'm talking about using sfdisk, fdisk or parted..

I use lvm for the block devices in dom0 and most of them I give directly
as e.g. xvdc1 to a domU. Within domU the block device is not partitioned
anymore (except they are boot devices - but this is another story), but directly formated with xfs.

The day before I tested to do "lvresize -L+20G" on a logical volume
given to a domU and do a "xfs_growfs" of this volume inside the domU
it belongs to. It didn't notice that until I rebooted the domU.
Thatswhy I asked here. Is this a new feature which is not in my Xen 3.1?


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