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[Xen-users] strange network problem


I some problem setup networking on a opensuse 10.3, x86_64, xen 3.1.0.
I have four suse 10.3, x86_64 PVM hosts running on it, they are connected 
via a bridge to get network.

I can connect from external hosts, to the virtual machine, and from the 
virtual machines to the internet, no problem. But I cannot reach the dom0 
from within the domU's or vice versa. Also the domU's are able to 
communicate with each other via that bridge, so forwarding etc is active.

brctl show xenbr0
bridge name     bridge id               STP enabled     interfaces
xenbr0          8000.001871874e9d       no              vif45.0

Only after I added the four host routes to the domU's I was able to 
communicate between dom0 and domU. I have another Xen server, running 
sles10, there I did not had to add these explicit routes.
netstat -rn
Kernel IP routing table
Destination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags   MSS Window  irtt 
Iface UH        0 0          0 
xenbr0 UH        0 0          0 
xenbr0 UH        0 0          0 
xenbr0 UH        0 0          0 
xenbr0   U         0 0          0 
eth1   U         0 0          0 
xenbr0     U         0 0          0 
eth1       U         0 0          0 lo

The virtual interfaces are configured like this in the domU configuration 
vif=[ 'mac=00:16:3e:6a:64:07,bridge=xenbr0', ]

do I need to do any additional network configuration to allow communication 
from domU do dom0?
Any more information I should provide?

kind regards

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