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Re: [Xen-users] first binary release of GPL Windows PV drivers

James Harper schrieb:
> Posting back to the list. I have just managed to put together a Xen
> 3.1.2 for Debian, and have found that it works just fine under that.
> How many CPU's are you giving the DomU? I've only tested with a single
> CPU.
> Also, are you running PAE? I'm pretty sure I'm not, so PAE is most
> likely untested.


My DomU has 4VPUS (all of the second socket, with vcpu-pinning)

A short test without cdrom, only 1 vcpu, pae=0 (in domU config)
and then a block-attach gives the same error. (3.1.2 xen)

I must now out of office. i transfer the win-2k3 domU Image to
a tyan-amd in a data-center, and test it in the evening on that

Robert Valentan

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