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[Xen-users] Help: set up a 1:1 public IP (physical) bridge to virtual interface.

GOAL: set up a 1:1 public IP bridge to virtual interface. Connecting physical 
straight to the virtual.

I want to give the physical NIC a public IP while the vif will also have the 
same IP without losing one public IP from my ISP provider in creating another 
subnet of addresses.  I want to keep all traffic entering public IP a to also 
leave the same interface since the IP addresses are used by different clients.  
Is this possible.  I have the system currently set up to use IP a and all sub 
IPs are bridge/routed through that same IP a which is not desirable.  

    I can create a single bridge for a network and assign that bridge using:

    i.e. (private IPs)

    #  Networking
    vif         = [

    or just simply...

    vif         = [

    ..with no other bridge or network using xenbr1.  But this situation
    utilizes two IP addresses not a single IP.


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