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[Xen-devel] Release 0.3.0 of Windows PV Drivers

I've just put up another release of the Windows PV Drivers.

This fixes a memory leak for writes in the 'slow path' where Windows
doesn't give me buffers that are aligned to a 512 byte boundary, so I
have to allocate my own buffers and copy into there. I only see about 9
such operations on my amd64 system, probably during boot, but at least
one user on an intel system sees mostly 'slow path' writes.

This may be the cause of the drivers not working on Intel systems (gives
a BSoD from the reports I've had), but I'm not confident. Any feedback
would be greatly appreciated.

Any hints on why an Intel system wouldn't give sector aligned buffers
while an AMD system would would also be much appreciated!

Also I've started adding CDROM support but it just hangs, so if you have
a cdrom in your xen config it won't work - take it out if you want to
test these drivers.

Binary release at http://www.meadowcourt.org/WindowsXenPV-0.3.0.zip.
Source code at http://xenbits.xensource.com/ext/win-pvdrivers.hg.


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