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[Xen-users] pciback.hide with debian

Hi all,

I made run some domU on my debian stable dom0

I got 2 NIC and I would like to attach my second NIC to a special dom0 (proxy)

I read some docs about it, I add pciback.hide=(0a:02.0) on my menu.lst and I start my domU (proxy) like that.

xm -create -c proxy pci=0a:02.0

I try with pci=['0a:02.0'] on my domU conf file

But none of this work for me.

I use kernel 2.6.18-5-xen-vserver-686

So I have two questions.
Is it possible to assign my second card to my domU with standard debian kernel ?
If yes where am I wrong ?



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