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Re: [Xen-users] PV drivers from domU

> I was reading the thread, "PV Drivers in Linux HVM DomU?", and it was
> mentioned that you can use the PV drivers from the domU distro in an HVM
> domU instead of the dom0's drivers, did I state that correctly?

I'm not quite clear, but I think what you meant to ask is:

"Is it possible to use PV drivers directly in an HVM domU, instead of using 
the device emulator (which runs in dom0)"

The end result in either case is that you end up accessing the real host 
devices via dom0's drivers for that hardware.  But the PV drivers should 
perform better than using the device emulator.

> If so, is there a doc or a howto that explains how this is done in a
> little more detail?

The code for the PV-on-HVM drivers is in the Xen sourcecode repository at the 


There's a README under that directory with some hints as to how to build the 
drivers against a native kernel.  I'm not entirely clear how you configure 
the guest once you've built them up, but building them is a necessary first 


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