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Re: [Xen-users] Oracle virtualization =Xen ?

> On Thu, Nov 22, 2007 at 10:48:43PM +0200, Ofek Doron [Ofek BIZ] wrote:
> > Maybe someone know, does Oracle virtualization is based on Xen technology
> > ?
> Yes it is, they just do not state if its based on the opensourced
> xen-source or the closed-source parts like xen express.
> Guess the opensource-part since they mention 'based on opensource
> software'.

I have no insider knowledge, but I'd speculate that they're building onto 
RedHat's very nice Xen support, which they will have inherited in Oracle 
Unbreakable Linux.

> Looks like
> - xen-kernel and probably unbreakable linux in dom0
> - a dedicated server for hosting a webbased management-software

The web interface seems to be the primary differentiator here, 
technology-wise.  I wonder if it's nice and if it's based on XenAPI.  In 
principle they could just be serving it from dom0, but I don't know if they 

Administratively, the fact that Oracle do / may "bless" this VMM looks like 
another differentiator.


> The nice idea is they can ship oracle with the whole os around it as domU-
> disk. So if a para-virtualized freebsd should beat linux in some corners
> they could just switch this, provided the customer keeps his hold inter-
> faces for managing the oracle-installation of course.
> Wondering if they will also support the application-loaded domUs on xen-
> source based dom0s.
> Christian
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