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Re: [Xen-users] XEN 3.1 - eth0 Device Problems during booting

> I'm facing some problems with the eth0 Device.
> I've just used used the "make world" command to build a kernel and the
> binaries.
> The System comes up and the prompt on the console (TTY) is there.
> But the network card is not working. All the important drivers should
> be available.
> I will always get the following message in log:
> Eth0: Device not found
> I've added almost all thing into the config and have compiled it
> several times without any success.
> The network card is: Realtek RTL8169/8110 Family Gigabit Ethernet NIC
> Is there any bug with that Driver in the XEN version??
> What can I do. Any hints????

Can you please post the output of dmesg and of ifconfig?

Have you done lsmod to check that the module you built has loaded 


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