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Re: [Xen-users] Advice on HighAvailable/Failover Xen machines

On Wed, Nov 28, 2007 at 02:33:58AM +0100, Maximilian Wilhelm wrote:
> I want to accomplish the following setup:
>  Two (maybe leter more) Xen systems running on two machines with HBAs
>  inside connected to a SAN.
>  I would like to place the DomU block-devices on logical volumes on
>  top of a LUN of the SAN which is available at both (all) Dom0s.
> I read about the possibiliy to use EVMS as one solutions which could
> fullfil my needs.
> Is this a good idea?
EVMS plus heartbead can provide this, alternatively you could use
- clvm here
- or use a cluster-fs like ocfs2 or gfs and place files on that.

> How could I do some kind of failover in case one Dom0 has gone?
> Can Xen detect this and move the affected DomUs automagically?
Thats entirely up to you to
a) detect this
b) start up the domU you need alive again
c) make sure the domU is started only once on your xen-site.

Heartbeat or other cluster-software can help for a and b,
maybe clvm can do the locking of volumes for point c, or you implement
the locking yourself.


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