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Re: [Xen-users] How to remotely manage a xen virtual machine?

hxsrmeng wrote:
Hi friends,

I got a IP of a remote xen virtual machine. When I access it (guest
system) and do "rpm -qa | grep xen", I got


So far I access it with ssh command at local console. Is there any way
that I can access it graphically? For eg., use web browser?

Since I might often cause the virtual machine crash, I'd like to manage
it or boot it (after it's down) remotely. Is there any tools can help me
to do this? What else information other than the IP of guest VM do I need, for eg.,
some screen access to the host machine?

If you are using vnc on dom0, you need to set the below parameter's in /etc/xen/xend-config.sxp if you want it to be the default for all guests.

#(vnc-listen '')

# The default password for VNC console on HVM domain.
# Empty string is no authentication.
(vncpasswd '')

Change that to appropriate ip address of dom0. Then you can use a vnc client directly connect to the guest gui. This can also be configured differently for each guest. Look into vfb = parameter int he guest config.

Sorry for the basic questions. I did google...but didn't find anything

Thank you in advance.

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