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RE: [Xen-users] Recommended partitioning for xen host

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        Yes, aggree with Henning - and not only this, I think better is to
allocate for Dom0 so much space to store also some future domains after the
possible memory-upgrade you can later possibly do - so for example, ich
there are 8 positions for memory in the server board, this can be a lot of
space... Sure, You have to have enough space on the given server :-)

        Later to extend the Dom0 could be a liffle bit problem, if all
remaining place is used for physical volumes in LVM.

        I also tested the situation also the Dom0 is installed on LVM - I
tried it because of the above argumentation - this is possible, but - is not
good - if You have then some problems with LVM, You cannot even boot the
Dom0 System what is pretty bad...

        Another possibility could be to map the directory for saving domain
state to some other block device, but I have no idea at this moment what
should be done for it - this should be found or possibly changed in the xen

        With regards, Archie

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Josh wrote:
> Is there a recommended partitioning for dom0?
> Here's what I have planned.
> /swap   2GB
> /boot   100MB (ext3)
> /       5GB (ext3)
> xenmachines  LVM volume group for the remaining diskspace

You might also want the place where the xendomains script saves the
state of running domains to be large enough - that is, about the size of
their RAM, and a bit extra.

I don't have the exact path of that in my mind and are away from my
machines where I could look at it - look for the config and/or code of
the xendomains init script...


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