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[Xen-users] Re: [Fedora-xen] Problems with fedora 7 paravirtualize

neohtm wrote:
I'm using Fedora 7 with xen's virt-manager. I'd manage to install a full
virtualized WinXp domU after changing the settings in .xml files. Now I
would like to try to install the paravirtualize fedora 7 using virt-manager
I'm using this install media address >

That's actually FC6.

And the virt-manager console was managed to show up the installation screen.
After the normal steps of the installation, the console was hanged when it
shows the 'Retrieving image2'

Yes, I've heard of bugs like this too ...

I even had tried to used the Fedora 7 installation DVD as the installation
media but it's cant detect the cdrom when the installation begins. I'd
googled and find out that I can export the DVD using a FTP/NFS/HTTP from
dom0 host, but how to do this?

According to Sadique, the Fedora 8 seems to have a better and easy
virt-manager to manipulate the Xen virtualization. How to upgrade the fedora
7's virt-manager to fedora 8's?

You'll probably want to upgrade more than just virt-manager. At least libvirt, python-virtinst, xen and kernel-xen.

Enable the Fedora development repository while installing these by doing:

  yum --enablerepo=development install xen [etc...]


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