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Re: [Xen-users] /dev/xen/blktap0 already exists

> I'm getting this message every time I start xend. If I go to /dev/xen,
> there it is blktap0, but if I use tap:aio: option to load domU file, at
> boot process I get a lot of errors, like "fd not found, patch aio_poll not
> implemented" or something like this.

Blocktap relies on a Linux kernel patch implementing some AIO functionality 
which is shipped with the xen-unstable distribution.  It sounds like you're 
somehow missing that patch, but I'm not clear how that could have happened.

Where did your Xen install come from?  Compiled yourself, distro kernel, 
or ... ?  Have you made any tweaks to the setup that might be relevant?


> Where can I search info about that? I found little info in google...
> Kind regards,
> Ignacio.

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