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Re: [Xen-users] intallation of Xen Virtual machine monitor

> Hello
> For the need of a project i must install the Virtual Machine Monitor on my
> computer. Can you give me a guide to do that?

The simplest way to install Xen is to use a distro that supports it and then 
install that distro's Xen package using your package manager.

The page http://xen.org/download/ has packages for various distros (but I'd 
recommend you try your distro's default packages first, if you can) and some 
prebuilt tarballs which are distro-agnostic and can be dropped down onto your 
existing Linux.

If you want to build from source you can use mercurial (hg) to download the 
source tree from http://xenbits.xensource.com/ (choose the repository 
corresponding to the version of Xen you want).

Hope that helps you some,


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