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Re: [Xen-users] Converting the full-virtualization to para-virtualize

I don't know whether there's a convenient tool for this.

I did once from a standalone machine (no PV in that case).
Basically you have to install a domU kernel and copy the root files to the new 
root accessible directly by dom0 (no partition tables, no bootloader) and 
change files such as /etc/fstab and the initrd.

If your dom0 is the same OS as the domU, things may be a bit easier.
Perhaps just copying the files, modifying fstab then chrooting and installing 
the domU kernel will be enough (no manual changes to inittrd).
I never tried this specifically, though.

If you're able to configure the OS by hand, and your dom0 is also a Fedora OS 
you can simply:
$ rpm --root=/your/domU/root -ivh blah blahblah blah blah
Then, when things are done and your domU is fully funcional you may simply 
copy the root contents as a skeleton for future domUs you may want to create 
in the future.

Em Dom 02 Dez 2007 04:21, neohtm escreveu:
> I got a question here. Can I install a full-virtualized fedora 7 as dom0
> then convert it into para-virtualized?
> It's because I had tried faced so many errors when installing the
> para-virtualized  fedora7 with the nfs server.
> --Stephen Neohtm,Malaysia

 Daniel Mealha Cabrita
 Divisao de Suporte Tecnico
 AINFO / Reitoria / UTFPR

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