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Re: [Xen-users] Principal question: XEN 3.1.0 and initrd

Peter Pfannenschmid wrote:
> Hello!
> I would like to use XEN 3.1.0 on a debian etch system. I have downloaded
> and installed the tarball from xen.org, but booting the xen kernel /
> hypervisor (Dom0) failed.
> [...]

You can get that easier and simpler:

Use Ralph Passgang's (member of the debian xen team) readily built
packages, there's even 3.1.2:

deb http://packages.debianbase.de/etch/i386/xen3.1 .
deb-src http://packages.debianbase.de/sources/xen3.1 .

That should work straightforward, the same way as with 3.0.3 on etch -
after the install and maybe an update-grub(but AFAIK this is not needed)
you have a grub bot entry to boot the newest Xen version.


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