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Re: [Xen-users] How to manage images/partitions for xen DomUs - more specified


Thanks for an advice, I will try it. But there is one thing I am
thinking about - how to manage the LVM2 PVs, VGs and LVs over the
cluster centrally? Next year I maybe get one more server and I will have
to add some new virtual machines and modify disk space given to the
existing ones. If I use just plain LVM2, I would have to configure it
node-by-node, step-by-step, manually, wouldn't I? I found some HowTos on
Novell pages, where they are using iSCSI and OCFS to manage storage for
virtual machines, but it doesn't fit my needs. I don't want to setup
another machine to be an iSCSI target and so on. I am looking for a
simpler solution with DRBD  and Heartbeat,  which will also enable me to
manage the LVs for virtual machines centrally. I've found some
information that EVMS would maybe fit my needs, but it's still new to me
and I have no idea how to configure it to manage LVM2 partitions on
multiple machines or how it will interact with Heartbeat software. If
anyone knows about some configuration HowTos or something like that,
please, let me know.


short overview of my current configuration:
2 nodes
both nodes running xen, Heartbeat, DRBD
mirroring of partitions (will try LVM2 LVs) via DRBD, if one node fails,
Heartbeat runs everything on the second

As I said, I am looking for a way how to better manage disk space and
easily add a new node/virtual machines.

> Luke,
> You should be able to run drbd over lvm. Just give each vm it's own drbd
> device, and it should work. This way you can failover each vm
> individually.
> Beware though that there is a bug in the interaction between Xen/LVM/DRBD,
> but this can be worked around by specifying the disk image as tap:aio
> instead of phy.
> Niels

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