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Re: [Xen-users] How to manage images/partitions for xen DomUs?


You should be able to run drbd over lvm. Just give each vm it's own drbd
device, and it should work. This way you can failover each vm

Beware though that there is a bug in the interaction between Xen/LVM/DRBD,
but this can be worked around by specifying the disk image as tap:aio
instead of phy.


> Hello,
> I am trying to figure out the best way, how to configure a small cluster
> with xen and High Availability (Heartbeat). I have two servers and a few
> virtual machines. What I need is to ensure, that images or partitions of
> the machines will be mirrored between the two nodes (maybe with drbd?).
> But that is not all - I also need to enlarge the disks (because of
> growing databases) of virtual machines sometimes (if it could be done
> without shutting the machines down, it would be perfect!), so I am
> thinking about some evms/lvm setup. But I have no idea how to configure
> such a thing - how would it look like? Do you have any ideas, schematics
> or something? Like layered model - should I use evms to group drbd
> devices in domain 0 or lvm in virtual machines to group virtual disks...
> something like that. I need some advice, hints or  how to setup a
> Xen+Heartbeat+some disk volume management configuration.
> Thank you
> Luke
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