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Re: [Xen-users] Staying free / opensource after Citrix?

> Will XEN stay free and open source now that its a Citrix company?

There's enough Linux GPL code and code from external contributors that lots of 
the Xen code can't just be closed by Citrix.  Apparently a "Xen Foundation" 
is being set up to deal with the open source side of the project.  Ian Pratt 
will be the first to head up the Foundation.

I can't personally say what exactly that'll mean for the open source version 
but there are at least plans that open source development continues.  Time 
will tell us exactly how this will work and what Citrix / Xensource will do 
with the project.


> What is the roadmap for what features and timeline will be in the
> opensource version vs commercial offerings from citrix?

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