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Re: [Xen-users] Does a PAE domU work with non-PAE dom0?

> a PAE domU will not work on a non-PAE dom0 - is that correct for a 32bit
> system? Or does it depend on the used version of Xen?

On 32-bit Xen all the PV guests have to match Xen.  So if Xen is PAE then dom0 
and all domUs must be PAE.  If Xen is non-PAE then dom0 and all domUs must be 
non-PAE.  You can't mix PAE and non-PAE.

On 64-bit Xen, PV guests (including dom0) can be 64-bit or 32-bit PAE.  32-bit 
non-PAE PV guests won't run.

HVM guests can have any memory mode "equal or less than" the Xen memory mode.  
e.g. 32-bit non-PAE only on 32-bit non-PAE Xen.  32-bit PAE or non-PAE on PAE 
Xen.  32-bit non-PAE, 32-bit PAE, 64-bit on 64-bit Xen.

Hope that helps,

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