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[Xen-users] HVM, ping, and multiple vcpu's

  I've run into the same issue as seen here:

When I have an HVM guest with 2+ vcpu's, the ping is completely off some
of the time.  Packets get delivered fine, but the ping is screwy.

Normally this wouldn't be a big deal, however this particular server is
a windows domain controller.  Because of the ping issue and the way
windows is handling some communication, I'm running to the error seen

Which basically says, the DC is issuing a ping and its coming back out
of range so its throwing an error.

Granted there is a work-around for the domain controller in the form of
a registry entry, however it would be nice to know there is another fix
to prevent the ping from getting skewed.

I've attempted to pin down the cpu's for the HVM guest and that doesn't
seem to make a difference.
Using 1 vcpu works like a champ, but we'd really like to have 2 for this

The xen server is the latest on RHEL 5.1 (3.0.3-41, which as I
understand it is virtually xen 3.1 but not quite).

Any help is appreciated.

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