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[Xen-users] Changind Domain-ID

Sorry to bother again, but the ubuntu-7.10/Xen-3.10 setup is have more
troubles then expected.
Finaly got it working (disabled SMP, console, hwclock, libtls all changed).
Now when playing with xm save, and backing up I bumped on another problem.

Each time a domain is shutdown, and then restarted with
xm create <config-file>
the Domain-ID is rising with one.
Not a problem, but when then Domain-ID is other then the one that the
image is created (2 in my instance) the networking doesn't work.
It seems the DomU can't find the bridge
Although in Dom0 ifconfig and brctl show bridge show the new number

Can someone please advise, or point me to another distro where Xen with
SMP and Raid-1 isn't a problem?

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