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Re: [Xen-users] CentOS 4.0 as guest OS

Hi there,

> I have got fedora Core 7 installed as a host OS.
> My requirement is to run CentOS 4.0 as a guest OS.
> I have got the kernel source(2.6.9-5EL) , but I am unable to figure out how
> to
> compile the kernel for domU.
> I apologize if this had been answered earlier.This is my first post.
> I would be very grateful if someone can point me in right direction.
> I read the whole user document that comes with xen 3.1 , but it does not
> contain info  specific to
> xen enabling a custom kernel for para-virtualization.
> Can someone can point me to a good :).

Enabling an arbitrary custom kernel for paravirtualization can be tricky.

Is there any reason you can't use CentOS 4.5, which comes with Xen-enabled 
kernel for running in a domU?  That would be my recommendation.


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