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Re: [Xen-users] centos4.5(domU) on etch(dom0)

> I'd like to know how to install centos (4.5 in my case) to run as a
> domU on a dom0 running etch.

If you have a PAE-enabled Xen running (the CentOS / RHEL Xen kernels are PAE 
only) you can actually boot directly into the CentOS installer.

You need to create a config file for your domain, pointing to the virtual 
disks you want to use, creating a network interface etc as you would for any 
paravirtualised domain.  I'll assume you're largely OK with that?

If you look in the images/xen/ directory on the install ISO, you should see a 
kernel and an initrd.  Copy these out of the ISO to a temporary location.  
Now unmount the ISO.

Edit the config file to point to the kernel and initrd you copied off the CD.  
Add another virtual disk device to the config file, pointing to the ISO file 
for the install DVD (DVD is more convenient because you won't have to "change 

Set some sane framebuffer settings (e.g. to use VNC or SDL) in the config 

When you create this domain, you can connect to the framebuffer and should see 
the Anaconda installer pop up and do its thing.  When you "reboot" the domain 
after the install you probably actually need to shut it down, then change the 
config so that it'll use pygrub instead of the install kernel.  If you 
actually want to interact with pygrub, you need to connect to the domain's 
console; but CentOS may well do the smart thing and default ot just 
installing a Xenified kernel as default boot.


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