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Re: [Xen-users] Monitoring Xen performance

Ian P. Christian wrote:
Hi all,

I need to monitor performance of my xen hosts. I want to know when i'm hitting memory I/O, disk I/O, CPU resource limits or any other resource.

Ideally, I would be monitoring this via SNMP, however it would appear that when I monitor CPU usage of dom0 via SNMP, the stats I see are for just dom0, not the entire xen host.

I've noticed there's a tool called 'xenmon', but I have yet to install it - I though I'd ask how you guys monitor your xen servers before I did.
There are some nice munin plugins available via http://muninexchange.projects.linpro.no/ , you could give them a go. Using these would require of course either a webserver on your dom0, or another machine to collect the munin stats and to build the graphs.


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