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Re: [Xen-users] Issues with older O/Ss

Thanks for the response, Mark.  I'm running on a Core2 Duo chip right now.  No, xm dmesg doesn't seem to have anything in it that would indicate anything that XEN is having issues with.  I've also tried plain old Qemu, but I see similar issues on this as on XEN.  VMware worked fine, but I've got a limited number of system that I can use for this purpose, and since VMware won't run on XEN, I'm trying to transition everything to XEN.  The Core2 chips make this mostly possible, but Ghost is an exception, and it would be really useful to run Ghost in the VMs.
Anyway - thanks for the hints - looks like I may have to keep VMware around for a little while...

>>> On 2007/12/08 at 12:37, Mark Williamson <mark.williamson@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Well, I'm trying to use XEN to run some older O/Ss and am having some
> trouble, probably due to these O/S's lack of idle calls to the CPUs.  I
> need to run WinNT 3.51 (please don't laugh too hard :-) in a virtual
> machine and would also like to run Symantec Ghost to image machines,
> especially for P2V purposes.  Unfortunately, these O/Ss seem to freeze the
> VMs - the CPU usage goes up to 50% for the VM and whatever the guest O/S is
> doing hangs.  Anyone have any ideas for running these O/Ss - NT 3.51 and
> Ghost (DOS) in a XEN HVM?

Out of interest, are you using an Intel CPU?

Some guests which do esoteric things don't work so well on Xen.  Some realmode
stuff is less well supported particularly on Intel chips at the moment.  It's
possible that you're bumping up against one or more of these problems.

Any interesting messages in xm dmesg?

I don't have any specific suggestions regarding getting these OSes to run,
other than that you might want to submit a bug report or (better) send a mail
to the xen-devel mailing list reporting your problem.  I'm not sure if anyone
will be working on this at the moment but it's quite possible that older
legacy guests will eventually receive better support in the future.

You might find that on a modern PC Qemu will be able to run these OSes
adequately fast, so you might want to try that...  Alternatively, I expect
some of the other virtualisers (VMware, for instance) may have robust support
for older guests.


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