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Re: [Xen-users] Running network services on Dom0

Tom Lobato schrieb:
> effectively,  how much  would cost to use PV windows drivers?
> Is it present only in xensource enterprise?
> Citrix site shows:*
> "2-Socket Perpetual License ($2499) + Base Support ($500)"* for xen
> enterprise.
> Is there some cheaper xensource product which provides PV windows drivers?

I've heard novell/suse are adding Windows PV drivers to their SuSE Enterprise
Edition, but i've never used this distro so this is unconfirmed.

Additionally, James Harper is currently developing Windows PV drivers under
GPL. I don't know the current state, but he has published different versions
about 4-6 weeks ago on xen-user and xen-devel.

Also XenServer Express Edition is shipped with Windows PV drivers, if you
can live with it's limitation (4 GB Ram / two CPU's).

btw. the opensource xen differs from XenServer Express. So, I don't expect
the XenServer Express Windows PV drivers will work under xen 3.1, also this
would void the license.

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