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[Xen-users] Windows XP on Linux domain0


I have installed Suse 10.3 with Xen 3.1
Installed Windows XP on the top of it on the AMD 64 X2 dual core cpu with svm 
installation went fine, however after using the guest XP os
I have realized that during coping files and installing software onto the
virtual windows the CPU load jumps continuously to 100%

I have moved the guest os image file to a raw partition with dd onto a 
secondary physical
device, which resulted in a bit of performance improvement, but the CPU is 
still used
above 90 percent during I/O operations ... running the same copy test scenario
on a vmware box was eating up "only" about 40-60% fluctuating ... 

The disks are sata 3g/s ...

Anybody else has similar problems, any hints would be appreciated
even how to look for the source of the problem ...



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