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[Xen-users] Where does xen chache domUs grub.conf ?

Hi all, I'm a newbie on this list. I'm using xen 3.0.3 on CentOS50.

I installed a new flavor of kernel in a domU via a standard RPM, which modified my grub.conf by adding a new entry to boot on the new kernel. When rebooting the domU by pygrub, I didn't see the new grub entry. I tried to restart xend, with no effect.
By googling a little, I understood that kernel files used by a domU must be present on the dom0, and it was considered as a bug. So I copied those files from the domU to the dom0... with no more effect.

By rebooting the dom0, the new entry appeared and I be able to start my domU with its new kernel. I tried to remove the domU kernel files I copied before on the dom0, and the domU continues to boot normally. So I misunderstood what google said me before.

I suppose that xen caches domU's grub.conf somewhere on the dom0. My question is: where ?

Thank you for answers.

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