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[Xen-users] Live migrate and device numbers

Good day,

Using 3.0.3-13.fc6, I ran into the following issue during a live migrate (on the receiving host):

[2007-12-11 11:12:45 xend 5539] DEBUG (blkif:24) exception looking up device number for hda2: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/dev/hda2'

Apparently, the host that guests are migrated to looks up the block device major/minor by searching for the device node inside /dev on dom0. After this fails, xen restarts the guest and it finds its blockdevices just fine.

The obvious workaround I found for now is running MAKEDEV hda inside /dev on all our dom0s, but the entire issue seems kind of silly. Should I report this somewhere, or has this already been covered by newer releases?


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