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Re: [Xen-users] DomU with

Emre Erenoglu schrieb:
One comment, if this is paravirtual, why do you have the ioemu type devices? just try to put xvda1 etc and let us know of the result :)


On Dec 11, 2007 1:15 PM, Power-Netz (M. Schmidt) < schmidt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:schmidt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    Maximilian Wilhelm schrieb:
    > The block devices seem to be staticly named xvd* in vanilla kernel,
    > regardless what you specify here.
    > So check all device names to xvd* (sda1 -> xvda1, ...) and have
    a new
    > try.
    > You may also want to add
    > extra = 'console=hvc0'
    > to tell the kernel to print everything to this (Xen) console.
    > You also have to edit /etc/inittab to put a getty on this console.
    > Also add hvc0 to /etc/securetty to enable root login via the xen
    > console.

ioemu was form a test, i have removed it in the last tests...
if i use the extra = 'console=hvc0' option, i get a output!
Much thanks! I get a kernel panic now, but this will be no problem (i think).

- Michael Schmidt

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