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[Xen-users] Problems with Sunfire X2200

Hello all!

We are testing virtualization with two Sun X2200 M2 (2 x Opteron Dual Core)
with Xen (3.1.3, locally compiled, Debian etch), KVM (Debian Sid) and Windows Virtual Server (Windows 2003 Server). We have tried paravirtualization and also full virtualization (Pacifica).

In all cases we have experienced problems regarding stability in the systems, specifically erratic lost of network connectivity in Dom0 and ocasional system

We are almost sure that it is not a hardware related problem because we have suffered the same kind of problem in two different physical servers. We have upgraded to the newest
SUN firmware (1.5a) for these machines with no effect.

Is anybody experiencing the same symptoms? Has anyone tried to setup any virtualization software
in this platform? Any tips to fix the problem?

Thanks you very much.


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