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[Xen-users] Release 0.5.0 of Xen PV drivers for Windows

This message is to announce the 0.5.0 release of my GPL Xen PV drivers
for Windows. Still considered alpha software - test very carefully
before you even consider running it on a production system. Network
drivers are included but are not currently working.

The source is available at:
And a pre-compiled binary at (i386 XP & 2K3 only):

Updates since last time:
. It's now a scsi miniport driver
. CDROM works
. Works under XP as well as 2K3
. Graceful shutdown service (responds to xm shutdown/reboot)

Known issues:
. xm reboot hangs at the end of the shutdown instead of rebooting
. Network drivers don't currently work (Andy Grover is working on these)
. Users of the previous release reported some issues that I couldn't
reproduce, but they all seemed to be on Intel based system and my only
test environment is AMD... any feedback on this release would be greatly
. 32 bit only at this point.
. When the PV drivers are responsible for the boot disk, crash dumps
don't work.

Any and all feedback welcome.


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