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[Xen-users] xen dom0 server freezes every one or two hours


I switched to a xen kernel on a HP DL 365, running openSUSE 10.3, x86_64.
The HP DL 386 is a amd64 based machine.

I had to add a swiotlb=16 kernel parameter into grub.conf, to get the 
kernel running at all. 

I have 4 virtual hosts running on the machine, also openSUSE 10.3, x86_64.

I have two physical interfaced bonded together, then I have 10 vlan 
on top of the bond0 interface. The vlan interfaces are each connected to a 
bridge, one bridge for every vlan. Each of the four machines has 10 
eth interface, that are connected to each of the bridges. 

Further I have several phy: disks from SAN configured handed over to the 
virtual machines.

Setup and test of the hosts went fine, but when under load, then after an
hour or two, the server just freezes.

from time to time I see messages like this in the dom0 /var/log/messages:
blkback: ring-ref 4882, event-channel 15, protocol 1 (x86_64-abi)
blkback: ring-ref 4883, event-channel 16, protocol 1 (x86_64-abi)

Don't know, what the meaning of them is, as far as I could find out via 
googling, it must have sth. to do with networking.

further, on startup of the dom0, I see the following in /var/log/boot.msg, 
know whether this is a problem:

Starting udevd done
Loading required kernel modules
doneActivating swap-devices in /etc/fstab...
donemount: according to mtab, /dev/cciss/c0d0p1 is already mounted on /

NOTE: scsidev is obsolete and the udev generated persistent device names
 under /dev/scsi/by-id/ (od by-path) should be used instead.
Scanning SCSI devices and filling /dev/scsi/ done
Activating device mapper...
Creating multipath targets:device-mapper: create ioctl failed: Device or 
resource busy
device-mapper: create ioctl failed: Device or resource busy
device-mapper: create ioctl failed: Device or resource busy
device-mapper: create ioctl failed: Device or resource busy

The dom0 is started this way from GRUB:
# Modified by YaST2. Last modification on Fri Dec 14 15:03:43 CET 2007
default 0
timeout 8
##YaST - activate

###Don't change this comment - YaST2 identifier: Original name: xen###
title XEN -- openSUSE 10.3 -
    root (hd0,0)
    kernel /boot/xen.gz dom0_mem=390M
    module /boot/vmlinuz- 
root=/dev/disk/by-id/cciss-3600508b1001030343620202020200001-part1 vga=0x317 
resume=/dev/cciss/c0d0p5 splash=silent showopts swiotlb=16
    module /boot/initrd-

uname -a
Linux srv4 #1 SMP 2007/11/19 15:02:58 UTC x86_64 x86_64 
x86_64 GNU/Linux

rpm -qa | grep xen

I also had powersaved stopped, acpi stopped, ntp stopped (I found a thread 
where someone had
a problem with clocks walking backward and dying xen server), but so far, 
the box still freezes
without any notice in the logs.

Any idea what could be the problem I have or where should I take a further 
look to 
figure out what causes the problem of the freezing server?

kind regards

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