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Re: [Xen-users] Questions about iSCSI in a domU

Hi Rami,

Thank you for your reply. That link and the pdf are great and I will be looking into that type of setup for xen migrations and running the domU root off of iSCSI.

In my current setup I am, however, trying to get the domU itself to connect to the target. I'd like to keep this seperate as the guest's admin may not have access to the dom0 to map the device.

Because of the scsi id issue, the best idea I can come up with is to run the domU in an HVM with an unmodified kernel, but I dont have any HVM hardware and I'm not totally sure this will work. I'm holding off on buying new hardware for now. Anyone have expereince running linux in an HVM with scsi on their dom0 and scsi on the domU?

Thanks everyone for your replies.

Rami Rosen wrote:
I remember I made some tests some months ago with iSCSI in domU.

I tried it with the block-iscsi script of Kurt Garloff, (Novell/SuSe)

You should be able to have in domU config script an entry which
starts with 'iscsi' instead of 'phy';
something like this:
disk = [ 'iscsi: iqn.2001-01.com.example:diskraid-sn-a8111309', hda, w' ].

It could be that this attitude will be slower a bit than the alternative;
which is perform login to iSCSI targets from domU and than mounting
them from domU.

Rami Rosen

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