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[Xen-users] RE: Trying to use Xen PV drivers for Windows (Release 0.5.0)

> Hello James,
> Thank you for you work,
> it'r really interesting and really useful.
> No about my experiments and problems.
> I have tried to install your drivers into Windows XP.
> I have downloaded the drivers from [1],
> unzipped it and installed it as describe in
> the INSTALL.txt.
> The installation process was exactly as you have described
> in the INSTALL.txt file. No any errors.
> After that I have modified boot.ini (added new boot variant
> with the /gplpv key) and rebooted the system.
> I have tried to boot using the second boot option in the boot menu
> (/gplpv) and have got blue screen of death
> (it appeared just after a second as a I have pressed enter in
> the boot menu).
> I have tried to boot using the first boot option in the boot menu
> (without /gplpv). The system have booted without any problem.
> After that I have tried to make hot block-attach to
> the domain.
> sudo lvcreate -n winpv -L 2G /dev/MAIN
> sudo xm block-attach 13 phy:/dev/MAIN/winpv /dev/hdd w
> (where 13 is the id of the windows domain)
> Just after I issue the command Windows goes into blue screen of
> death. There are the message on th screen:
> ....
> Technical information:
> *** STOP: .....
> ***    xenvbd.sys  - Address FC769C787 base at ....
> You can take a look at the shot of the screen with the error here [2].
> I have tried to change the domain configuration.
> I played with acpi, apic and pae parameters.
> Domain didn't want to boot in any combination except
> apic=1
> acpi=1
> pae=1
> This one was used before I've started to change apic/acpi/pae
> parameters. At least I've reverted back to it.
> Also I have tried to disable CDROM in the pv domain.
> Without success.
> Thank you for your any ideas.
> And once again thank you for you work

Are you using Intel or AMD? What version of Xen?

Can you use debugview from sysinternals to get the output of the crash
dump? The procedure is basically:

1. Don't boot with /GPLPV
2. Make sure your system is set to write out a crash dump
3. Start DebugView
4. Do a block-attach to make it crash
5. Let the crash dump do it's thing
6. Boot the system again without /GPLPV
7. Start DebugView
8. Analyse the crash dump (C:\Windows\Memory.dmp probably)
9. Email the output to me



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