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[Xen-users] cluster server options

Hi. My SuSE 10.3 system's hard disk died, so I opted for a bigger hard disk as 
a replacement for xmas. My xen system is Fedora fc8, since that system 
supports hvm. My SuSE system is formatted with lvm, and comes with nfs.

1) Is nfs sufficient for serving up file-backed stores, or is the performance 
difference with ocfs2 or gfs that much greater?

2) If nfs is sufficient, version 3 or 4? In other words, does xen do record 
locking (only available in 4), or just file locking? My previous non-xen 
experience is that sqlite databases only work on nfs4.

3) I don't suppose I can export a logical volume device to my xen server, 
right? So I'm stuck with creating file backed stores, right?


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