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[Xen-users] Re: cluster server options

jim burns wrote:

> Hi. My SuSE 10.3 system's hard disk died, so I opted for a bigger hard
> disk as a replacement for xmas. My xen system is Fedora fc8, since that
> system supports hvm. My SuSE system is formatted with lvm, and comes with
> nfs.
> 1) Is nfs sufficient for serving up file-backed stores, or is the
> performance difference with ocfs2 or gfs that much greater?

I dont like file backed stores that much, same goes for nfs. nfs and big
files gave me lots of trouble in the past.

> 2) If nfs is sufficient, version 3 or 4? In other words, does xen do
> record locking (only available in 4), or just file locking? My previous
> non-xen experience is that sqlite databases only work on nfs4.

> 3) I don't suppose I can export a logical volume device to my xen server,
> right? So I'm stuck with creating file backed stores, right?

Have a look at gnbd, iscsi or ataoe, i use iscsi and it works like a charm.

> Thanx.
Welcome ;)

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