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[Xen-users] Xen Configuration questions


I'm new to Xen but not to Linux, I just bought a 10 blade dell chassis (10 x 2 x quad core Xeon x 8 GB) and a 4.5 TB iSCSI SAN. I'll be running RHEL 5 on all of the blades and I plan on running 4 Xen children on each blade, Most Xen children will para-virt RHEL but I'll have a couple Win2k3 servers. The machines will be running standard ISP type services (DNS,LDAP,RADIUS,Plesk, SMTP,POP3,IMAP, MySQL) I have couple questions:

1). Is RHEL & Xen ready for prime time? (is it production ready, will I sleep at night?)

2). Each Xen instance will have a LUN on the iSCSI. Should I connect the LUN on Domain0 and then have the DomU load it or should I have each DomU run iSCSI directly with the SAN? I want to enable live migrate between the blades.

3). Are there any pre-built Xen 'Appliances' for common things like DNS resolvers?

4). Should I use rsync between the blades to syn the xen configs to I can live migrate guest machines between the blades?

My primary concern is #1, if it isn't stable I'll look to VMWare or Virtuozzo. I have a machine running Virtuozzo already and it works ok, Would rather run something open though, Linux has served me well the last 17 years.


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